Top 10 Casino Oddities

Top 10 Casino Oddities

Welcome back to Littlewoods Casino Top 10. This month we’re looking at some of the more lighthearted moments in casino history – from eccentric owners to biblical toasties! After you’ve had your fill, remember that we are the UK’s premier online casino site, with all your favourite casino games ready to play right here, right now.
On with the show.
Cold, Hard Cash
Casino Owner Don Laughlin wants to freeze himself when he kicks the bucket – along with $5million he’s amassed during his casino reign.
In a move that is becoming increasingly popular amongst wealthy Americans, Laughlin believes that freezing himself and his money will give him the best play free casino slot games instantly no download or registration chance of rising from his cryogenic ‘sleep’ once technology advances.
What’s even better news for the casino chief is the interest he’ll earn on his assets. One company that specialises in freezing wealthy businessmen and women offers a return of over $8million on a $10,000 investment over 100 years.
One Arm Bandit
Las Vegas legend Steve Wynn is known for his good (and expensive) taste, so it was no surprise that he was (nearly) involved in the most expensive art sale in history. The centerpiece of Wynn’s art collection, Le Rêve by Pablo Picasso was the subject of a $139million bid from Steven A Cohen in 1996.
Unfortunately for Wynn, he put his elbow through the canvas as he was showing the piece off to a group of reporters. A $90,000 repair bill later and the painting was said to be worth ‘only’ $85million. It’s tough being a billionaire casino owner!
A Degree of Gambling
Those looking for a new career direction could do no worse than enrolling in the University of Macau’s latest course, a Casino Executive degree. Junior and midlevel managers will learn how to deal with enthusiastic Chinese casino gamers and the ins and outs of casino management on the four and a half day course.
With only 50 places available though, any budding casino magnates had better get their skates on and enroll!
Brie-fore Your Very Eyes
If further proof was needed that miraculous things do happen, thenlook no further than Diana Duyser of Florida, USA. Mrs Duyser found a grilled cheese sandwich engraved with what could only be described as the ‘face of the Virgin Mary’.

Top 10 Casino Oddities for the Golden Palace Casino!

An Ebay auction followed, with the half-eaten sandwich going for $28,000. The winning bidder, none other than Golden Palace Casino! A spokesman for the online casino was clearly taken aback by the significance of the sandwich, saying: “We believe that everyone should be able to see it and learn of its mystical power for themselves.”
Casino Has Some Front
Another entry in our Top 10 Casino Oddities for the Golden Palace Casino! Having taken a shine to Ebay as a means of buying obscure items, the casino wanted to give its advertising a lift – hence the $844 it paid Glaswegian woman Angel Brammer to display their logo on her cleavage.
Ms Brammer had a temporary tattoo on display for 15 days as she walked around Glasgow, no doubt raising the spirits (and heart rates) of Scottish gamblers everywhere.
Textal Warne-ing
He’s well known as a bit of a ladies man, but cricket legend Shane Warne’s texting habit got him into a spot of bother at a recent Aussie Millions Poker Event.
The former leg spinner was playing at Melbourne’s Crown Casino but was forced to sit out of the poker game for five minutes after his under-the-table texting was were rumbled. Casino etiquette requires players to leave the table of play before using their mobile phones.
King and Queen of Hearts
Online casino gaming can lead to riches beyond your wildest dreams – and true love too. Over a game of Omaha, two people from opposite ends of America became embroiled in a bad beat argument. She defended his honour (surely it should be the other way round), and a beautiful friendship was born.
Now Jackie Johnson and Gary Suffir have moved in together and plan to get married. You see, true love can blossom over a good old game of online poker!
Taking the Biscuit
Macau isn’t content with displacing Las Vegas as the gaming capital of the world – it wants to reign supreme with man’s best friend too.
Relatives of casino billionaire Stanley Ho are hoping to open a new type of bakery in the Chinese gaming region; one that caters for dogs! The Three Dog Bakery is already a massive success in other parts of China and Hong Kong – where pet owners have even formed a powerful lobby group that has significant political pull.

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